A fair Immigration system with predictable wait times for employment based applicants  will benefit the US economy, increase American competitiveness and is consistent with American values

Contact your lawmakers
Contact your lawmakers (see below) and ask for their support for common-sense solutions with bipartisan support. Ask for their help talking about this to leadership in the House, Senate and White House. Ask for their help co-sponsoring legislation that fixes the green card backlog.

Please raise any or all of the issues when you contact them.

  • Green Card Backlog: Eliminate per-country limits for high-skilled employment visas. Provide predictability of wait-time for green cards like other developed countries that does not discriminate based on country of birth.
  • Spouses cant work, H4 EAD: Dangerous rule in rule-making process that may eliminate the hard-fought, widely supported H4 EAD. This will mostly impact women, who will overnight have to give up their careers (again) if they want to keep their family together.
  • Kids of High Skilled¬†Immigrants: Please treat all kids equally in the current immigration discussion. Kids who came to the US legally with their parents who work in US companies should also have a pathway for citizenship.
  • American Born Kids: Provide a stress-free environment for US born kids. Eliminate constant fear of their parents being displaced and having to leave their school in country of their birth to be with their parents.


Eliminate per country limits

Locate your Senators and Representative

ex: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20500